Why Fusion HDR?

Fusion HDR photography represents a significant advance in real estate photography. Using advanced software to blend and edit images, digital photography can now achieve outstanding results that were once only possible with expensive and time-consuming architectural photography shoots. Fusion HDR lends a naturalistic and vibrant look to interior spaces, that allows the viewer to truly preview a home without stepping foot inside. Since I first started using Fusion HDR photography in 2011, the results and reaction from realtors has consistently proven the value of this method. Below I will share some comparisons using images from an iPhone, single images from a wide-angle camera, and Fusion HDR shots. Each shot was achieved quickly, using only the naturally available light in the room. 

In this first photo, we have a basic, functional image as you might find in any new cell phone. Despite the staging in the room, it can only capture a narrow view, and comes across as a flat and lifeless space. Despite trying to expose for the light in the living room, the camera cannot compensate for the bright window light in the dining area.

Here, with the wide angle shot, we can now get a better sense of the entire room, and achieve brighter light which feels more inviting.